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Asian Games swimming competition

Sunyang swims no one can replace him

2022-06-25 10:08Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: Will Sun Yang become the first person in the history of swimming in ChinaUntil now, no one can replace him. He is the winner of three Olympic gold medals. He also won the men's swimming double crow
Will Sun Yang become the first person in the history of swimming in China
Until now, no one can Sunyang swims  no one can replace himreplace him. He is the winner of three Olympic gold medals. He also won the men's swimming double crown. He narrowed the distance between the Chinese swimming team and the world's top teams, and also improved the overall strength and level of the Chinese swimming team. Sun Yang can swim very well because of his good enduranceWhat contribution has sunyang made to the swimming industry
Introduction: there are many eSunyang swims  no one can replace himxcellent athletes in China. They have won many honors for our country through hard training. They are proud, and their spirit is worth carrying forward. Sun Yang was born on December 1st, 1991 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang ProvinceBrief introduction to swimmer sunyang
He is the first and only Olympic champion in Chinese men's swimming, and the only Chinese swimmer who has won gold medals in two consecutive Olympic Games. Chinese men's swimming has won 18 gold medals in the world championships so faSunyang swims  no one can replace himr, and Sun Yang won 14Can sunyang be said to be the first Chinese man to swim? How about his strength
Sun Yang is a top-notch swimmer in his swimming field. Like long-distance running, the length of swimming is limited. However, few swimmers can reach the all-round strength of 200-1500 meter events like Sun Yang, which requires strong explosiveness and enduranceSun Yang is the only Olympic champion in swimming. What else has he achieved
Record 10: Sun Yang, the Grand Slam of God, is the first swimmer in swimming history to win the gold medal in the 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle World Championships and the 200m, 400m and 1500m Olympic Games, and complete the Grand Slam in the middle and long distance race. The strongest mid long distance Freestyle Swimmer in history! At presentAs the ceiling of the domestic swimming industry, how did sunyang do it? How much sweat has been paid behind
"The last 50 really clenched their teeth. They swam 800 meters and didn't fall asleep because the time after treatment was too short. If you can insist on this result, you can also show what you have trained before," sunyang said in an interview. It is no exaggeration to say that Sun Yang is the first swimmer in China, but it is not easy to win the gold medalHow powerful is sunyang? What is sunyang's status in the world swimming world
Sun Yang is a legend in the world of swimming. He is the fastest Freestyle in the world, second only to Phelps. Next, I will use a macro perspective to let you have a more detailed understanding of Sun Yang's strength and position in the world swimming world. Sun Yang's achievements in the swimming race are divided into breaststroke, butterfly and backstrokeWhat impact will Sun Yang's suspension have on China's swimming events
The enthusiasm of the athletes has been eliminated, and the relationship between these athletes is also very good. Sun Yang suddenly suffered such treatment. For other athletes, there is also a certain blow. Sun Yang can be regarded as a representative of China's swimming industry, but such a representative was suddenly suspendedDo you still remember the legend of Sun Yang's swimming world
In swimming, no one can replace Sun Yang's honor for the country. There is no doubt that he is great. He has won 3 Olympic gold medals and 11 World Championships. So far, the Chinese men's swimming team has won 18 gold medals in the world championships, 14 of which were won by Sun Yang alone. In addition, Sun Yang participated in the Asian Games three timesWhat does it mean for sunyang that his certification has been cancelled and he has officially stepped down as the captain of the Chinese swimming team_ Baidu
This means that Sun Yang basically has no chance to impact the Olympic Games, and his career may end at this point. For Sun Yang, although Sun Yang has excellSunyang swims  no one can replace himent athletic talent, Sun Yang has also broken the world record for related swimming events. But because sunyang himself fell into the case of doping
Sunyang swims no one can replace him

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