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Swimming itch with obvious itching

2022-06-26 02:39Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: How to itch after swimmingIt is caused by allergy to disinfectant or disinfectant in the swimming pool. After skin contact with these substances, erythema, papules and obvious itching appear on the sk
How to itch after swimming
It is caused by allergy to disinfectant or disinfectant in the swimming pool. After skin contact with these substances, erythema, papules and obvious itching appear on the skin. At this time, it should be noted that the disinfectant on the body should be washed off with warm water Swimming itch  with obvious itchingbefore appropriate treatment. Different topical drugs should be selected according to the characteristics of skin lesionsHow to do if you always itch after swimming
Overview: how to do skin itching after swimming? In hot summer, tSwimming itch  with obvious itchinghe swimming pool has become a cool place for people. However, some people have itchy skin and even allergies after swimming. How does skin itch after swimming do? Let's see the solution. Unsanitary swimming pools will mainly lead to fungal skin diseases and InfectiSwimming itch  with obvious itchingous Soft wartsHow does swimming pool skin allergy red itch do
This problem puzzles most people who love swimming. Because the water in the swimming pool is usually not clean, and the water in some swimming pools is even not often replaced and disinfected, so many viruses, bacteria and microorganisms will remain. Once people with sensitive skin enter the pool water and are soaked, they will easily have the symptoms of allergy and itchingWhy does skin itch after swimming
84 disinfectant will not be used for swimming pool disinfection. People who have studied chemistry will know that the swimming pool is light blue because (CuSO4) - copper sulfate solution is added to it for disinfection after dilution. Of course, copper sulfate itself is highly toxic, but it doesn't matter if you drink it in a small amount after dilution. It is recommended that you don'tSwimming itch  with obvious itching drink it deliberately. Toxicity comes secondWhat is the reason for itching after swimming
Skin is allergic to chlorine. According to relevant national standards, the concentration of free residual chlorine in the swimming pool is generally 0.3 mg to 0.5 mg / L. too low will not have a disinfection effect, and too high will cause great damage to the skin. If the skin is allergic to chlorine, the skin may appear red pimples and itching after swimmingThe body is itchy after swimming in the swimming pool. What should I do
It may be allergic. The water in the swimming pool is dirty or the skin is allergic to bleach disinfectant. It is recommended to wash it with clean water several times in a timely manner, and then do not eat chlorpheniramine. You can also choose drugs such as loratadine and vitamin C to improve the treatment. Guidance: avoid spicy and stimulating diet and avoid fishHow does the swimming pool itch after swimming
Because the water in the swimming pool is shared by many harmful microorganisms, hypochlorous acid will be added to the water to disinfect. The itching on your body means that hypochlorous acid in the water corrodes your skin. It's no problem to wash it with an acidic bath solution or apply some moisturizing cream after washing it with warm waterSwimming is a physical exercise. What is the cause of skin itching after swimming
Help expel toxins from the body. Sweat steaming for 20 minutes after each swimming can prevent skin allergy from causing red pimples. be careful! When steaming with sweat, you must drink a lot of hot water, so that the detoxification will be faster. If the skin is itchy and red pimples are serious, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic drugs can be purchased. Generally, it can be improved after 2-3 daysHow does skin itch after swimming return a responsibility
There are many reasons for skin itching, such as mosquito bites, scabies parasitic skin, drug allergy, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infection, chronic diseases and so onItchy skin after swimming
Some people have erythema papules on their skin, accompanied by obvious itching. Suggestion: don't go swimming in the swimming pool for the time being. You can take some anti allergic drugs orally and use weak corticosteroid ointment externally. However, if the treatment effect is not good, it is recommended to go to a regular medical institution for a doctor to adjust the treatment plan after face-to-face consultation
Swimming itch with obvious itching

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