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Swimming after running should swim first

2022-06-27 16:03Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: Which is better to exercise at the same time, swimming or runningYes, you should swim first and run. Because running is strenuous exercise, swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase
Which is better to exercise at the same time, swimming or running
Yes, you should swim first and run. Because running is strenuous exercise, swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase tSwimming after running  should swim firsthe burden on the heart; The sharp drop of body temperature will weaken the resistance and cause colds, pharyngitis, etc. So you can't run and swim first. Precautions before and after swimming:
Is it harmful to swim after running
It is very unfavorable to blood circulation and easy to causSwimming after running  should swim firste hypoxia. Swimming in the water after running is easy to cramp and discomfort, and the heart rate will be high after running, so it is not smooth to breathe when swimming. Running first and then swimming, the bacteria in the swimming pool will take advantage of the situation to enter the open pores, which is easy to be infectedCan you swim right after exercise
It is easy to cause colds, colds, tracheitis and other diseases. Some people also immediately go into the water for swimming or take a cold water bath after strenuous exercise. Because of the great difference between the limb temperature and the water temperature, they are also prone to leg cramps. Therefore, it is more appropriate to dry the sweat after strenuous exercise, and then swim or take a cold bath when the sweat is no longer coming outHow about swimming after running
Very good, but you must dry your sweat. Benefits 1: you can go down to comfortable water after running. Ha ha benefits 2: running will exercise your leg muscles. At this time, lactic acid accumulation will occur (you will feel that the muscles are very tight, swollen and sour.) You can relax your muscles by swimming. ThisCan running before swimming play a good role
Jogging and swimming are both aerobic exercises, which can burn body fat to achieve the effect of weight loss. If jogging and swimming are carried out together, jogging can be used as a warm-up exercise for swimming, that is, preparation exercise. Then you can swim. You will succeed if you persist. Good luckCan I swim after running? How long does it take to swim
You can swim after running, but you must rest for a certain period of time and wait until your body recovers to the warm-up state before swimming. Basically, the interval can range from half an hour to an hour. From a health point of view, you can't go swimming immediately after any intense exerciseCan I swim immediately after I have just finished a high-intensity exercise, such as running or playing basketball
After high-intenSwimming after running  should swim firstsity sports, such as running or playing basketball, we can swim, but we need to pay attention to the following problems: A. immediately after high-intensity sports, we must rest for a while, wipe off the sweat, and then carry out restorative swimming after the body function recovers slightly. B. After intensive exerciseSequence of sports running and swimming water is constant temperature
The sequence of running and swimming is swimming first, then running. The reasons are as follows: first, runniSwimming after running  should swim firstng will make all the pores open and sweat. It takes a long recovery period to get the body back to normal. Otherwise, there will be sports sickness that often occurs in athletes. Sometimes muscle soreness and leg cramps occur after runningIs it better to swim or run on the same day
It is usually better to run first and then swim. Swimming after running can cool down and relax the body. Better release effect after swimming. Note: it is not good for your health to run and sweat and then swim. It is easy to get dangerous. Therefore, you must cool down after running and then swimRunning or swimming first
Swim first, then run. It is more scientific to swim before running, which is good for your health. Running will open the pores and take a while to recover. When swimming, all pores close naturally when the body is cold. It takes a long rest after running to swim
Swimming after running should swim first

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