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Asian Games swimming competition

Fun of swimming

2022-06-30 14:07Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: How about swimmingSwimming is also often used as a treatment for people suffering from stroke or muscle problems. The skills of swimming are rich in content and variety. Even those who usually don'
How about swimming
Swimming is also often used as a treatment for people suffering from stroke or muscle problems. The skills of swimming are rich in content and variety. Even those who usually don't like to participate in sports can have a lot of fun from swimming. People who often swim have enviable figuresEnjoy swimming
In a swim, I will understand a truth: swimming can not only keep fit, but also bring endless fun to my life, making my summer vacation interesting. Although I have onlyFun of swimming learned to swim for a few days, I have seen those big brothers and sisters who have learnedEnjoy swimming 300 words
I was washed by the ruthless spray, and my face was full of water. Some people were washed by the huge water potential and fell into the water in the form of a dog crawling, not to mention how embarrassed they were. Really exciting! The fun of swimming is really great. I don't seem to hate summer, because only in summer can I often swimYou Yong's fun composition 350
The fun of swimming has four seasons, and summer is my favorite season. Golden yellow is the representative color of summer. Yes, summer is so brilliant and full of vitality. In this summer, the best way to relax and exercise is swimming. Today is another hot day. It is such a dayWho can name the ten benefits of swimming
1. To ensure the safety of life, the earth is covered with rivers, lakes and oceans. Human beings inevitably have to deal with water in their lives. No matter active swimming, playing or working on water, or passive falling into the water or taking a boat, if you can't swim, your life will be threatened. If you can swimWhat are the benefits of swimming
Exercise value: weight loss: when swimming, the body is directly immersed in the water. The water not only has great resistance, but also has very good thermal conductivity. The heat dissipation speed is fast, soFun of swimming it consumes more heat. Just like a freshly cooked egg, the cooling rate in the air is far slower than that in cold waterSwimming brings me pleasure
Every time I listen to oFun of swimmingthers talk about swimming, I will think of learning to swim in the summer vacation. At Fun of swimmingthat time, I could not swim. When I saw the children playing in the water, I had an idea that I was eager to try. So my mother gave me a swimming class at Longshan sports center. The first day I went to the swimming pool, I was very nervousSwimming is a common sport. Will it make people happy
Because I love swimming, I have more experience of the fun of swimming. I think swimming is a very quiet sport. From the moment I entered the water, I would not be disturbed by anything outside. Listening to the sound of running water around you and your own breathing sound, although the melody is monotonous, you will feel very ethereal and relaxedEnjoy swimming 300 words
Finally, it was me. I stepped back and jumped into the swimming circle with the fastest speed. Suddenly, there was a "bang" sound, and the surrounding water splashed up. When the water splashed down, it washed me. It was so cool, as if I were under a waterfall and let the waterfall wash me. Before I knew it, I was going home
Fun of swimming

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