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Swimming in the sun

2022-07-01 17:04Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: Why do you get sunburned when you go swimming when the sun goes downIn particular, the ultraviolet rays absorbed and stored in the pool water after a day of sunlight failed to be released in time, and
Why do you get sunburned when you go swimming when the sun goes down
In particular, the ultraviolet rays absorbed and stored in the pool water after a day of sunlight failed to be released in time, and instead became a "warehouse" for ultraviolet ray collection at night. Therefore, swimming at night seems to have no sun, but in fact, the ultraviolet rays in the water are the most powerful. It is conceivable that it will be dark when you move in a very strong ultraviolet environmentHow should swimming be sunburned
Cooked by the sun, some people are vulnerable to the sun: people with beautiful skin are particularly dangerous, but no one is completely immune to the sun. When the sun has tanned your skin, the following methods can reduce pain and prevent sunburn againWhat do you need to pay attention to when swimming in the sea
When swimming in the sea, you should be careful of Swimming in the sunthe sneak attack of jellyfish. Swimming without preparatory activities: the water temperaSwimming in the sunture of the sea is lower than the body temperature. Therefore, you must do preparatory activities before entering the water to avoid causing physical discomfort. Don't swim in the poisonous sun and don't swim too long: the skin generally has three response periods to cold stimulation. Phase I: after entering the waterWhy is swimming easier to get sunburned in summer
Because in water, the water surface will reflect sunlight, making the skin receive a larger dose of ultraviolet light, so it is easier to be tanned. Swimming by the sea is easier to get sunburned, because the seawater will absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays during the day, which will be released after dark. At this time, swimming will also absorb ultraviolet rays, which will also be harmful to the skinWhy does swimming in the sun tan
There are mainly double loads. One is the direct sun exposure without protection, and the other is the reflection of the water surface. The reflection intensity of the water surface is not much less than that of the direct sun exposure. Under the double crutches, of course, it is easier to get dark
Will swimming in the sun make you sick
Honey and other moisturizing and heat preservation effects. After cleaning, you can apply some skin care products with more moisture on your face. When applying, don't forget to apply some on your neck. If you immediateSwimming in the sunly make a freckle removing and whitening facial mask, you can temporarily do not apply skin care products. So if it's appropriate to swim in the sun, it's better not to cry for a long timeAfter swimming in the sun, your skin is slightly red. What if it hurts when touching water
You may have sunburn. It's best to buy scalding cream and wipe it. Don't touch water. It'll be fine after peelingIt's sunny to swim in the afternoon, and I have to go to school again, so I usually go swimming after dinner, which is good for
It's best not to swim within an hour after dinner. Because the food in the gastrointestinal tract is not digested, it will put a great burden on the stomach and heart. In addition, due to lack of light at night, it's easy to slip and collide with people when swimming in the swimming pool. Just don't go swimming right after dinner, it won't affect your body. (。
The harm of swimming in the water against the sun at noon on a hot day
The sea water contains salt, and the noon sun has the highest altitude angle, plus strong ultraviolet rays Usually, our skin is well protected. Suddenly, we can't stand the stimulation. It is recommended to apply more sunscreen to protect our skin. There is no need to worry about peeling. It will be fine in a few days
The sun is very hot in summer. The water in the swimming pool will be very hot. Why can't we go into the water when the temperature is high
Although higher teSwimming in the sunmperature will keep the body stable to the greatest extent, as heat cannot be taken away by water (sweat can be used on land, but not in water), over time, the accumulation of heat may lead to muscle spasm, dehydration, body overheating and other conditions
Swimming in the sun

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