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Second grade swimming diary especially hot weather

2022-07-02 15:06Asian Games swimming competition
Summary: Second grade diary swimmingSummer vacation is coming, and the weather is particularly hot. I carry my beloved swimming circle and my sister to learn swimming. I feel good floating in the water. I swam
Second grade diary swimming
Summer vacation is coming, and the weather is particularly hot. I carry my beloved swimming circle and my sister to learn swimming. I feel good floating in the water. I swam around on the water, East and West. I'm so happyLearn swimming composition 50 words
Text: my growth is not plain sailing, but every time I encounter difficulties and want to give up, I will think of the famous saying "persistence is victory", which inspires my courage to overcome difficulties. Before the summer vacation of 2017 began, my mother told me to learn swimming. She said, "learning swimming can not Second grade swimming diary  especially hot weatheronly exercise."
How to write a swimming composition in grade two
During the summer vacation, my mother enrolled me in a swimming class to learn swimming. I aSecond grade swimming diary  especially hot weatherm very happy that my swimming life has begun. On the first day of learning to swim, I was very nervous. I was worried about the depth of water, drinking water and choking. When I entered the swimming pool, I saw many children swimming in the water, like small fish swimming freely in the waterSwimming diary 50 words
Swimming officially began. The teacher first taught us to breathe in and out, and then we went to the water to practice. Soon, we could swim in the water with a wooden board. I'm really happy today! I'm so happy to learn how to swim. Fan Wener: today, my father took me to learn swimming. When we get there, we first change our clothesHow to write a swimming comSecond grade swimming diary  especially hot weatherposition in grade two
I didn't bring a swimming circle. My farthest swim was about 10 meters. Dad praised me and said I was great. After a while, more and more people swam, and even the big dog came to swim. Dad said, "let's go home." I said, "OK." Then I changed my clothes and went home happily200 word diary of primary school students' swimming
Article 1: swimming diary 200 words mother said that swimming can not only exercise but also improve the coordination of limbs, so I also plan to learn to swim. My mother asked my father to teach me how to swim and prepared all the things I need to swim. Dad took me to Portman's swimming center. When I changed my swimsuitI want to write aSecond grade swimming diary  especially hot weather 200 word diary for grade two and learn to swim
Swimming is an essential sport for me in summer. If I jump hard in the blue waves, I will let the blue and cool pool water cool my whole body and soak my heart. Although I drink a few water occasionally in the swimming pool, I still feel great and cool in the pool! In the hot summer, let's do some dog crawl and breaststrokeLearn swimming diary 200 words
Mother watched me learn swimming from the coach I have to go many times to learn how to swim Learn to hold your breath and dive for the first time I jumped into the swimming pool, and the water went into my nostrils. My nose was sour and I was a little afraid The coach said, "can you learn to swim if you are afraid of water?" I summoned up my courage, closed my head and dived into the water. In this way, I would dive many timesSecond grade diary learning swimming
How many words? Do you think these are enough? Summer vacation arrived, my mother took me to the swimming pool to sign up, and then from July 4, I began to learn backstroke with teacher Luo. At first, I thought learning backstroke was very interesting and exciting. I followed the teacher's example, kicking my feet, releasing my hands, and pouring my body into the water, and I was able to floatSecond grade summer vacation composition: learn swimming (2)
Today, I learned breast stroke. I jumped into the water happily, but I was caught by the teacher. First, the teacher told us the importance of learning to swim, and then the danger of water. Then the teacher began to teach, first let us learn to breathe, then learn the breaststroke posture on the bank, and then start swimming in the water with a floating board
Second grade swimming diary especially hot weather

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