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Chenghai swimming DAHAO: Beisha Bay - free

2022-06-26 07:51Competition swimming video
Summary: Let's talk about the better swimming pool in Shantou, Guangdong (both indoor and outdoor). Thank youDAHAO: beishawan - free. Nanshawan can be reached by bus No. 37 - free in the city - MA and islan
Let's talk about the better swimming pool in ShanChenghai swimming  DAHAO: Beisha Bay - freetou, Guangdong (both indoor and outdoor). Thank you
DAHAO: beishawan - free. Nanshawan can be reached by bus No. 37 - free in the cityChenghai swimming  DAHAO: Beisha Bay - free - MA and island - it seems that it is 8 yuan by boatChenghai swimming pool
People's Park: 6:30-21:30 (small pool) 16:30-21:30 (large pool) this swimming pool is not in the park, but in Donggang road. (big and small pools are there) (water is tap water) charge: 10 yuan for an hour and a half, 5 yuan for children and 10 yuan for adultsWhere is a swimming pool in Chenghai
At the back doorChenghai swimming  DAHAO: Beisha Bay - free of ChengChenghai swimming  DAHAO: Beisha Bay - freehai people's Park?, Is it more detailed or do you mean Shantou Zhongshan Park? View original post >& gt;Is there any sea in Chenghai District of Shantou City
Best for swimming. There is an ancient castle on the island. It was built in the 56th year of Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty. It is the site of the Qing army post and a provincial cultural relics protection unit. The sea bottom around the island is flat, the sand beach is broad, strange rocks are stacked, and the waves are splashing. It is an ideal scenic spot for sea bathing, sand bathing, sunbathing and shell picking and sea fishing. "Laiwu rising sun" is one of the eight sceneries of Chenghai in the pastWhere is a swimming pool in Chenghai
There is water change at the end of every month in Jinxi garden. It's better to go there at this time. 7 yuan
How do I get from Shantou to Laiwu, Chenghai? I want to go to a bus with a sea to swim. How do I get there
Shantou bus terminal can take bus 161, line AB or Laiwu wharfThe name of Chenghai swimming club, swimming training, how to learn swimming
It's a waste of time to practice swimming in the tense water. After fully relaxing in the water, you can get twice the result with half the effort by finding someone to guide the swimming movement. You'd better prepare for the following things: watch the video of floating safety swimming on the Internet. After you bring your school swimming suit, you can relax in about an hour by using the floating swimming methodAre there any places you can go to Shantou
There is no ticket for the Leff ferry bathing beach in Chenghai. You can take Shantou No. 105 bus directly. There is also a bathing beach in Shantou port. You can take No. 19 bus to Guorui furniture and walk in. It is just a port. Some places have deep waterWhat are the interesting places in Chenghai
Chenghai has the following interesting attractions: 1 Chencixiao's former residence the former residence was built in the Qing Dynasty and lasted nearly half a century. There are doctor's residence, shoukangli residence and other residences in 2113, with a total of 506 halls. "Good living room" is the most representative house among them. It is the largest, best designed and best preserved house among all the housesThe day after tomorrow, I will travel to Shantou. Where can I go swimming? It's better to keep the water clean
People who know how to swim in such a wide and calm sea are really having a lot of fun. Swimming here, you really have the pride of "being confident in your life for 200 years and being able to hit three thousand miles with water". Specialty of the scenic spot: camphor LinQin: it is produced in camphor forest of Chenghai City. The flesh is white, like grease, and sweet
Chenghai swimming DAHAO: Beisha Bay - free

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