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Swimming pattern optional competition

2022-06-26 18:05Competition swimming video
Summary: Why is synchronized swimming called "water ballet"In the competition of optional movements, athletes can give full play to their imagination and creativity with beautiful music accompaniment, an
Why is synchronized swimming called "water ballet"
In the competition of optional movements, athletes can give full play to their imagination and creativity with beautiful music accompaniment, and show beautiful movements and beautiful graphic combinations. The prescribed movements are usually not accompanied by music. There are 100 technical action patterns in international competitions. Swimming pattern  optional competitionEvery four yearsHow to draw a swimming circle is simple and beautiful
If you want to draw a simple and beautiful picture of the swimming circle, first draw a flat circle and bend it like a sausage. Then what? After catching the head in front and back, draw some beautiful patterns on it. In this way, big guys like such patterns. For example, cats, dogs, flowers and grass can beI'm afraid of the design at the bottom of the swimming pool. I'm always afraid that something will come out
Because you have been floating on the water, you can't get close to and understand the bottom of the pool. It's easier to understand the light color, so there is no psycholoSwimming pattern  optional competitiongical pressure. I suggest waiting until the water is drained in winter, you go to the edge of the pool to see the patterns at the bottom, and then go down to the bottomLook at the picture and guess an idiom. The first one is a swimming pattern, the second one is five, the third one is a pen writing, and finally
It should be endless, the first ever homophonic swimminSwimming pattern  optional competitiong, no homophonic five, homophonic paper (there should be a piece of paper), homophonic strength (it should be that the bent arm represents strength and strength)
Is it a symmetrical pattern for two people to swim
No. How can two people swim symmetrically. Each person's left and right hand and foot movements are somewhat different, and even the left and right breath have different feelings. These belong to the problem of left-right symmetry. Each person has a strong side that feels more comfortable and has a smoother force, and correspondingly there is a weak sideThe back of the watch is designed with a swimming pattern. What brand is it and how much is the market price
About 1000
What kind of designs do swimmers have
Personally, I think that many people will frantically forward Koi when their luck is bad, in order to get good luck. The Swimming pattern  optional competitioncolorful koi is known as a "swimming art", symbolizing good luck. Lotus: Lotus has always been praised as "coming out of the mud without being dyed, and cleaning the ripples without being demon", which proves its purityThere are 8 kinds of swimsuit styles for girls. How to choose the swimsuit that suits them
7. If your chest is full and your waist and hips are too fat, the skirt swimsuit with large V-neck front opening is very suitable for wearing. This kind of swimsuit is romantic and elegant, but the pattern can be selected when choosing, and the beautiful flowers can set off the overall effect better than the fancy styleWhat does the picture of a man swimming and a running horse mean
The swimmer is saving the drowning horse
What patterns are used to make the pool mosaic bedding more attractive
Pool mosaic is a kind of mosaic, also known as pool mosaic. Its main materials include glaze mosaic, ice crack mosaic, kiln mosaic, stone mosaic, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, shell mosaic, marble mosaic and other main materials. Mosaic is a special kind of brick
Swimming pattern optional competition

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