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Competition swimming video

Lihu lake swimming just south of Lihu Square

2022-06-30 18:04Competition swimming video
Summary: Wuxi Taihu lake swimming placeNo! They all go wild swimming! There are hidden reefs and aquatic plants under Taihu Lake, which is not suitable for swimming! I also know the place you mentioned. Just s
Wuxi Taihu lake swimming place
No! They all go wild swimming! There are hidden reefs and aquatic plants under Taihu Lake, which is not suitable for swimming! I also know the place you mentioned. Just south of Lihu square, there is a beach! It is also forbidden to swim there. They all go there secretly. They were closed last summer. I don't know this yearIs there any place suitable for children in Wuxi
The places suitable for children in Wuxi are: Nanchen Temple: Nanchen temple, located in the center of LiaLihu lake swimming  just south of Lihu Squarengxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, is a unique ancient temple building in the south corner of Wuxi and beside the Guyun river. It is one of the 480 temples of the Southern Dynasty dating back to 1450 years. The temple was first built in the reign of Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty during the Taiqing Dynasty, with a large scaleWuxi natatorium
On the top floor of Jinhui Hotel, the swimming pool of the new sports center, Cape water park, is opposite to Wuxi Construction Bureau (Wuai Road), and behind Wuxi mobile Hall (West Gate). Lihu lake swimming  just south of Lihu SquareI prefer the new body, which is relatively hygienic, and the water is relatively deep. There are 25 people from 11:00 to 6:00 from Monday to FridayWhat are the attractions of Wuxi Taihu Lake
Taihu Lake is not suitable for launching because of its strong waves and poor water quality—— The large beach on Yufu island of Li Lake, the inner lake of Taihu Lake, can be directly uLihu lake swimming  just south of Lihu Squaresed for swimming (although swimming is forbidden, many people enter the water every summer). As the inner lake of Wuxi City, Li Lake has clear water quality, twice the area of Hangzhou West Lake, and the average depth is about 2 metersWhere can Wuxi give dogs swimming... Except Taihu Lake~
When you go to a pet care store, you usually have a bath service, just take it as swimming. Or you can call 12580 to ask.. I don't know anything else~
The security guard of Lihu Park in Wuxi is of poor quality. Today, he saw a child picking up screws on the bank. He tried to rob them
Today, I dare not deny that someone is swimming, but I also doubt that although it is very hot, the water temperature is still very cold. I think the prohibition of swimming in Lihu lake is more important than touching screws. If someone is swimming, the security guard should first stop swimming. As for garbage, is it really the work of security guardsSports facilities in Lihu campus of Jiangnan University
Now there are swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports centers, basketball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts in the North District
Can Wuxi Taihu lake swim now
Taihu Lake is inferior to the five categories of water quality, so you can't swim. The Yufu Island (Lihu lake water area) you mentioned is now prohibited from swimming. Since 2010, the government has banned launching from June to October every year, and special personnel are assigned to patrol. Bogong island has seen people swimming, and it is estimated that it is now prohibited. Wuxi has no lakeside swimming pool for the time beingIs there a place in Jiangsu where you can both swim and play? It is better to have mountains and water
Introduce my hometown ~ Yufu island in Wuxi can swim. You can play around Wuli Lake and Taihu Lake. Li Lake has a 100m music fountain. Li Lake has Li Lake Park, Li Garden, Shuanghong Park, Li Lake Central Park (Europe city and Aquarium), Yuantouzhu, the Three Kingdoms City, the water margin City, Tang city and plum gardenWhat are the swimming places inLihu lake swimming  just south of Lihu Square Wuxi and their addresses
Wuxi Sports Center Natatorium Wuxi Sports Center Natatorium Guide: take bus No. 95 from the Hubei gate of jiangdali, take bus No. 8 to the East Gate Station of the sports center, cross the road and enter the east gate of the sports center. The natatorium is directly behind the grandstand building of the main sports playground
Lihu lake swimming just south of Lihu Square

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