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Swimming an interesting thing - swimming composition

2022-06-30 23:48Competition swimming video
Summary: An interesting thing -- swimming composition[an interesting thing - swimming composition] an interesting thing - swimming composition - one afternoon in the summer vacation when class 3 of Tianhua pri
An interesting thing -- swimming composition
[an interesting thing - swimming composition] an interesting thing - swimming composition - one afternoon in the summer vacation when class 3 of Tianhua primary school wore thousands of shoes, the weather was hot and the golden sun shone on the ground, baking the road very hot. It was an interesting thing - swimming compositionWhat embarrassing experience did you have when you were swimming in the pool
It caused our next shadow. In fact, as long as we pay more attention to it every day, it's basically nothing to go into the water rationally according to our actual situation. The most important thing is that we must not deliberately avoid swimming in the swimming pool because we are afraid of embarrassing things. This will be a little more than worth the loss. After all, swimming is a very good sportWhat is the story of swimming
Two men went swimming together. Afraid Swimming  an interesting thing - swimming compositionof accidents, they asked a boy who was fishing nearby, "are there any sharks in the water?" The child said seriously, "no, absolutely not!" As soon as the words fell, the two men jumped into the water. At this time, the child said seriously, "there are no sharks here
What is the most embarrassing thing you have experienced in swimming Swimming  an interesting thing - swimming compositionpool
A student went swimming and swam in the pool. He couldn't stand it. He didn't bother to go ashore to the bathroom, so he... Uh... As a result, when he thought that no one knew what he had done, the administrator on the shore pointed at him and said, "don't pee in the pool, smelly boy." The young man looked downWhat should we remember when swimming
Now the weather is slowly getting hotter, and the summer is coming in the blink of an eye. Many people want to go swimming. On the one hand, swimming can relieve the heat in the hot summer. On the other hand, swimming, as a sport, has the function of fitness and weight loss. Some people often go swimming in order to avoid the summer or lose weightSwimming pose can cause danger. What should be paid attention to when swimming
Be careful not to lie flat. If you feel cramps in your feet, call for help immediately. Stretch your muscles and bones before swimming. Don't hold your breath for too long. Wear an eye patchWhat to do before swimming
After the preparation, the activities of the heart and respiratory organs areSwimming  an interesting thing - swimming composition strengthened, the process of blood circulation and material metabolism is accelerated, the strength and elasticity of muscles are increased, the range of motion of joints is increased, and thSwimming  an interesting thing - swimming compositione flexibility is improved. These changes in the body will help the body adapt to the needs of swimming activities faster. At the same time, it can prevent muscle cramp and strainWhat can't you do when swimming
Avoid swimming after strenuous exercise. Some people will want to run and sweat all over. If they just take a swim and rush to the body, they won't feel bad. In fact, it's not. Remember not to swim immediately after strenuous exercise, which will increase the burden on the heart; The sharp drop of body temperature will weaken the resistance and cause colds, pharyngitis, etcWhat interesting things have you seen while swimming
When you swim with your friends, there are many interesting things you can do. The simplest thing is to compete. Butterfly frogs come with their own set, and you can add some additional rewards and punishments. Of course, you can also have some interesting competitions, such as swimming backwards, that is, your body floats and then swims in the direction of your feetAbout swimming, please ask
The water in the lake will not move, and the water in the river will flow, and sometimes the water in the river will be very urgent. If it takes a short time to learn to swim, you should be very careful when swimming in the river with urgent water. When swimming in these two places, you should pay attention not to put your feet too low. It is easy to get entangled with water and grass. It is better to have more than one person nearby when swimming
Swimming an interesting thing - swimming composition

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