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Swimming at sea drinking fresh water, etc.

2022-07-02 17:03Competition swimming video
Summary: What's good for swimming by boatFirst of all, you should check the weather forecast before going to sea. Secondly, you should go with your partner for safety. Thirdly, you should bring swimming tru
What's good for swimming by boat
First of all, you should check the weather forecast before going to sea. Secondly, you should go with your partner for safety. Thirdly, you should bring swimming trunks, slippers, bath towels, change your underwear, drink fresh water, etc. women should bring umbrellasWhich sea area of Weizhou Island can swim
Shell beach and shiluokou beach can swim. Shell beach is very large. From xianiulanshan village in the east to Hengling village, goumen village, Gongshan village and Beigang village, it is called Shell Beach. Among them, shell beach is the best beach around suniu Jiaokeng village. The water quality is clear and the beach is flat. The geographical location is that the sunrise can be seen in the East, the sunset can beSwimming at sea  drinking fresh water, etc. seen in the west, andWhat about sunburn after swimming at sea
There are different methods for different degrees of sunburn Usually, the skin erythema reaction reaches its peak on the second day after exposure to the sun, and the erythema disappears after about a week. 1 / for slight sunburn: cold compress the skin 2 / for moderate sunburn: apply aloe juice on the sunburned part, and aloe has the effect of immediately reducing heat and coolingWhich sea area of Weizhou Island can swim
You can swim on the seashell beach and shiluokou beach in Weizhou Island. Weizhou Island Scenic Spot crocodile mountain crocodile mountain scenic spot is located in crocodile ridge on the west side of South Bay. It was approved as a national 4A tourist area in December 2009. Crocodile mountain scenic spot has crocodile mountain lighthouse, tangwengtai, crater site, Dragon Palace adventure, Tibetan turtle cave, thief cave and beastsHow to swim in the sea
I can only rely on myself and believe in myself. In particular, I need to improve my swimming skills. I learned breaststroke in the sea. Take your time
What should I pay attention to when I go to sea
Before sailing: observe the sea conditions of the day (understand walrus, sea conditions, self strength, support), the planning of the voyage (time, route, reporting, outlook), and check the convenience of boats and lifeboats. When sailing: observe all kinds of changes at any time (weather, physical strength, walrus), and return immediately if there is any changeWhy can't people swim freely in the sea
It's not that you can't swim freely in the sea. First, the sea wind is relatively small, and when the waves are not large, it's similar to the river water in the natatorium. Second, the sea water is salty, which is more irritating to the skin for a long time. The buoyancy is greater than that of fresh water, and it's not easy for people with a little more fat to dive. They need to control the air in their lungs. Moreover, the offshore sea water is turbid, so they canI can't swim. Can I go to sea and be a crew member
There is a common misconception among seafarers working on sea ships that seafarers must be very good at swimming. In particular, if one of the sailors is a sailor, they will think that the sailor needs to go to sea. These are misunderstandings caused by people's ignorance of seafarers. Seafarers' daily life and work are on deckCan I swim in the sea when I travel to Sanya now
Now you can go to the sea, but it's a little cold, andSwimming at sea  drinking fresh water, etc. you'll get used to it slowly. First of all, you should choose a good place to live when you goSwimming at sea  drinking fresh water, etc. to Sanya self-help tour. It's suitable for swimming and convenient for eating. If the transportation is convenient, you can choose Dadonghai. It's also convenient to taSwimming at sea  drinking fresh water, a bus to play away from Yalong Bay. It's convenient to go to the urban area for about 5-6 minutes by busIs it illegal to swim at sea
It's not illegal to swim to sea, but people's physical strength is limited, so they can't swim far. But if you want to sneak across by swimming, it must be illegal. The ultraviolet ray at the seaside is very strong, and prolonged exposure is easy to induce dermatitis. If you don't wear sunscreen, your skin will appear itchy rash and itchy hands after several hours of strong light irradiation
Swimming at sea drinking fresh water, etc.

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