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Competition swimming video

Tiandao swimming Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue diving

2022-07-02 23:39Competition swimming video
Summary: What did the monk sing after the death of the eminent monk in Kaifeng Xiangguo Temple after the level 70 of Tianya Mingyue DaoMommy Mommy coaxTiandao diving Tianya Mingyue Dao diving method teachingTi
What did the monk sing after the death of the eminent monk in Kaifeng Xiangguo Temple after the level 70 of Tianya Mingyue Dao
Mommy Mommy coax
Tiandao diving Tianya Mingyue Dao diving method teaching
Tiandao diving Tianya Mingyue knife diving method teaching. Swimming on the waterMy thumb was cut by a knife and bled a lot. Can I swim the next day
It's best not to. First, the water in the swimming pool is generally recycled, filtered and reused. Even if the water is changed once a week, so many people go swimming. Who must be not very clean? If they touch the wound, they will be infected. In addition, soaking the wound in water for a long time and strenuous exercise will cause the healing part to crackSwordsman romance III, Jianling, Tianya Mingyue Dao, which is more fun to swim
Jianling swimming is not for people to play at all. Just go there quickly. It's no fun. Tianya Mingyue Dao can dive in the East Tiandao swimming  Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue divingChina Sea area. The underwater scenery is still good. It's not fun. But if you want to swim and play in Tianyu, it's a good diving time. There are hidden palaces under the sea. Super whales can flyWhat configuration does Tianya Mingyue knife need to open the highest image quality
However, the Tiandao configuration can't keep up, so we can only continue to play journey 2S. Tianyu is also good, but I don't feel like I have much to do with anything else. By the way, Jiuyin is also good. Can swim. Swordsman three is more interesting. I ran to the top of the mountain to play cliff jumping, and then jumped from a high mountain of Mingjiao to a place where there was a hidden sword villa or someone, and got lostWhen will the new professional magic knife gate be launched in Tiandao New Area in 2016
Equipment: special epic weapons related to the adventures of the sect will be launched, which are available to those who have a chance (such as the same-sex puppets we have called for for a long time). On sword: next, a multi player PVP competition with 5~15 people will be launched. Gang play: diving, fishing, swimming, underwater, etc. are all plannedHow to play Tiandao diving how to operate Tiandao underwater collection how to play
How does Tiandao dive 1 Diving map restrictions: only haihezhou and Jijing islands are supported for the time being. 2. When swimming on the water, you can enter the underwater by moving the viewing angle downward (operation mode: W + press and hold the right mouse button + move the mouse downwTiandao swimming  Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue divingard). 3. In the diving state, you can quickly dive to the surface by pressing the spacebarIs it difficult to raise the swordfish
It's hard to raise the swordfish. There are few players raising anti heaven knife. There are no ornamental fish such as arowana and tilapia. There are special breeding methods and widely spread breeding methods. A few players who raise anti sky knives have the situation of violent death of anti sky knives. At this time, it should be because the fish feces in the fish tank destroy the water quality, causing water quality problemsWhat do you think of the lightness skill of Tiandao
The lightness skill on water is not bad. It's almost infinite. You have to fly before the end of swimming. The operation difficulTiandao swimming  Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue divingty is very good. The speed on water is very fast, but the lightness skill fluency of jumping and sprinting on land is not as good as that of the Nine Yin Manual. Personally, I think Tiandao should learn the lightness skill of Jiuyin ~ check the original post >& gt;。Dream hunger, how can you swim without losing blood at the beginning
Our blood volume is used to fight against two waves of cannibals. When climbing the second layer, don't worry about the wolf. It's best not to be bitten. Climb up and walk on the right. Don't provoke the knife bear. Tiandao swimming  Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue divingGenerally, it's just dark at this time. If someone helps to make materials at a fast speed, it's dusk at this time
Tiandao swimming Tiandao diving, Tianya Mingyue diving

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