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Swimming pool Changchun but too chlorine

2022-06-24 16:53Olympic swimming competition
Summary: Which swimming pool in Changchun is open in winterLongyang is the best. You can take a bath, sweat, exercise and buy a ticket for 15 yuan. Greendream is the place where dolls go. The whole people are
Which swimming pool in Changchun is open in winter
Longyang is the best. You can take a bath, sweat, exercise and buy a ticket for 15 yuan. Greendream is the place where dolls go. The whole people are also good. But the chlorine smell is too strong. I'm afraid you can't stand it. Changfei is too far away. It seems that inpace doesn't have a swimming poolWhat are the indoor swimming pools in Changchun Jingyue district? It is better to be close to the Jingyue campus of Northeast Normal University_ Baidu
To the west of Jingyue gate, that is, the place where the school is about to reach Jingyue gate, there is a chef training base of the army. What club was it called in the past (not the pioneer Club). He has a very good indoor swimming pool. I don't know what it is called after decoration, but the swimming pool is so good that it's estimated that it won't change. There is an electric power training center in the south that can handle cardsWhere is the Changchun swimming pool (gymnasium)? Be more comprehensive and detailed
Chuncheng swimming pool, located at the intersection of Taipei street and beirenmin street, is the only standard swimming pool in Changchun. Open all day; But therSwimming pool Changchun  but too chlorinee seems to be no direct train from youWhat is the water depth of Changchun Guoxin Swimming pool Changchun  but too chlorinenanshanwen swimming pool
Specification of indoor constant temperature swimming pool: 50m x25m. The indoor pool is divided into shallow water area and deep water area. Shallow water depth 1 2m. The water depth in deep water area is 2m. Specification of outdoor normal temperature training pool: 50m x25m, water depth 1.2m~1.75m, standard pool with ten swimming lanesWhich swimming pool is better in Changchun? Is it more cost-effective? Be specific
See if you consider the factor of distance. Changchun natatoriums should all have their own swimsuits and hats. The standard swimming lane of Chuncheng natatorium also has a shallow pool for children, and some free fitness equipment, geothermal, glass curtain windows, good lighting. However, there are a little more people, and the water quality is average. The ticket price is 9 yuan, IWhich Changchun natatorium is better, where is more suitable for children to learn swimming
Changchun Zhuangzhuang Infant Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is the first large-scale and professional infant swimming center in China. It is located by the beautiful Yitong River on the Satellite Road, covering an area of 410 square meters. It has built two large infant swimming pools and five small independent swimming pools, which can accommodate babies aged 0-3 and 3-6 at the same timeWhat are the indoor swimming pools in Changchun? They are cheap and have good water quality
If you are purely exercising, it is recommended not to go here. The above are the prices of several Changchun swimming places I know bSwimming pool Changchun  but too chlorineetter. Others have an open-air one in the avantgarde campus of Jilin University, which is not very good... Erdao and Lvyuan also have them, but I haven't been to Changchun. You asked to be near the South LakeHow about Changchun new Longyang natatorium now
Xinlongyang feels good. It's a popular swimming pool. There's nothing else to say. It's still worth visiting. I usually go there for swimming. But it's worth reminding that when you buy tickets, don't buy them in the swimming pool. It's cheaper to buy them in the grocery store outsideChangchun swimming pool
Greendream can swim. It's not expensiveChangchun City natatorium which is better, not only the water quality is good and safe, but also the price is moderate, year card, second card or month
Personally, I think the Jinyu natatorium is pretty good. The water quality is very goSwimming pool Changchun  but too chlorineod. It can sweat. It seems that the annual card is 1680 and the secondary card is 1000 and 50 times. The address is near the people's Square, west of the temple
Swimming pool Changchun but too chlorine

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