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Dalian swimming card

2022-06-27 17:05Olympic swimming competition
Summary: Charge and card handling of swimming pool of Dalian Maritime UniversityThat is, a total of 140 monthly cards and 110 year cards. I don't know if these are all student prices. If you need to show yo
Charge and card handling of swimming pool of Dalian Maritime University
That is, a total of 140 monthly cards and 110 year cards. I don't know if these are all student prices. If you need to show your all-in-one card or someone outside your student ID card, the remaining discount of 20 each time is not very clear, but it is stDalian swimming cardill very cheap. Compared with the 39 each time and the environmental drama swimming pool here, you can be satisfiedHow much does the swimming pool in the fitness center of Dalian Development Zone charge
The annual pass for a single swimming pool is 2800 yuan, which is 25 hours at ordinary times, 30 hours after 6:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday. There is also an annual pass, which costs 1000 yuan. You can go to any swimming pool. It is valid for one year, and the hourly rate of each swimming pool is 20% offWhere is the Dalian natatorium located? how much? Do you have a card
The more professional seawater natatoriums in Dalian are Haidi and Yannian. Near Fujiazhuang, the priDalian swimming cardce of the annual card is about 600 yuan 20 timesHow much is a card for Dalian natatorium
28 yuan for card handling
Who can tell me how much each indoor swimming pool in Dalian has a membership card
You can consider xiahaidi swimming pool. It seems to be an annual card, which is less than 1000 yuan. It is charged by time
Which natatorium in Dalian can apply for an unlimited next year card? Please give us your valuable opinions
Don't know where you live? In my personal opinion, Yannian's water is salty, and Lingjing hotel's is even saltier. Many people will not adapt. The water in the swimming pool in Dalian is poor, so it is recommended not to go. The provincial and maritime swimming pools are pure swimming pools, which is inconvenient. We usually go to Haidi. Haidi is bigger, and there is a place to rest when we are tiredHow much does it cost to apply for the annual pass for Dalian lanbao natatorium and Yannian natatorium
There are also running machines, table tennis and other sports equipment in the museum. I'm hungry. All kinds of blue fort bakeries baked new bread that day. Although I'm full, you have to pay. Disgusting element? The four-star Blue Castle Hotel is right over your head. What do you want to eat? Lazy legs? Unwilling to go? The swimming pool can order food and give it to your mouthHow much is the annual pass of Dalian Haidi natatorium now? Besides swimming and bathing, it also includes
RMB 600 for 32 times, including swimming, bathing and saunaHow much is the annual swimming card of Dalian Lingjing hotel
Dalian natatorium 1 Dalian water world transportation: ★★★ environment: ★★ consumption: ★★★ conditions: Dalian water world excellent Ocean Park was officially opened on September 29, 2003. It can receive 10000 people for water activities at the same timeHow much is the swimDalian swimming cardming in Yinfan Hotel, Dalian Development Zone
You can apply for an annual card or a monthly card, and you can enjoy the fitness room equipment and swimming pool with a VIP card. The annual fee is 4000 yuan. This is also the reason why tDalian swimming cardhere are not many people in the pool. If you want to pay for one-day swimming, there is Karen hot spring with good conditions in the development zone. The ticket price is 68 yuan per person, and there is no time limit; The only drawback is that there are too many people on weekends
Dalian swimming card

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