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Swimming diary 200 words

2022-06-30 14:05Olympic swimming competition
Summary: How to write a swimming diaryThe swimming diary has a lot in common with our daily diary. The diary should be a daily record. It should record the more meaningful things in one's own life. The form
How to write a swimming diary
The swimming diary has a lot in common with our daily diary. The diary should be a daily record. It should record the more meaningful things in one's own lSwimming diary 200 wordsife. The format of the diary is generally to write down the months and days in the first lineSwimming diary
The scorching sun is burning like a fire on the earth. The hot weather makes people breathless. The cicadas on the trees chirped one after another. After the song was over, they began to sing with a new energy. Although the song was rhythmic, it still made people feel upset. The best sport in this weather is swimmingWrite a diary and go swimming
On a hot summer day last summer, my brother asked me to go swimming in the swimming pool It is said that the water is extremely cool and is the best way to escape the summer heat. After listening to it, my brother said that my heart was itching. I really wanted to go swimming But on second thought, I can't swim. What can I do in case of an accidentLearning swimming diary 200 words
The tense learning phase of learning swimming is over. In the happy summer vacation, what else can I do besides finishing my summer homework every day? I saw the children swimming freely in the swimming pool. I was very envious of themI want to write a 200 word diary for grade two to learn swimming
Swimming is an essential sport for me in summer. A fierce leap in the blue waves will make the blue and cool pool water cool all over my body and soak my heart. Although I occasionally drink some water in the swimming pool, I still feel great and cool in the pool! In the hot summer, let's do some dog crawl and breaststrokeSwimming diary 200 words
Today, my mother took me to the city swimming pool. Because I was younger, my mother wanted to take me to the women's bathroom to change clothes. I said no, so I went to the men's bathroom. I saw many uncles, uncles and brothers. Some of their elephants had long trunks, some were mammoths, and the elephants of two brothers were bare200 word diary of primary school students' swimming
My mother said that swimming can not only exercise my body but also improve the coordination of my limbs, so I also plan to learn to swim. My mother asked my father to teach me how to swim and prepared all the things I needed for swimming. Dad took me to Portman's swimming center. When I changed my bathing suitSwimming diary 300 words
1. For the first time, my mother finally agreed to my request to go swimming. At 6:30 this evening, I put on my swimming suit and rushed to the swimming pool with my mother (*^__^*) ! When I came to the swimming pool, I found several of my good friends "Pipi" and "Doudou". Unfortunately, none of them could swimDiary "the first swimming class" (about 200 words)
Swimming in my painstaking persuasion, my father finally agreed to take me swimming. I trotted to the swimming pool happily all the way. Although I was panting and sweating, I still changed my swimming trunks as quickly as possible, put on my swimming goggles aSwimming diary 200 wordsnd plunged into the water. With the previous foundationLearning swimming diary 300 words fourth grade
It was a sunny afternoon. My father took me to the swimming pool andSwimming diary 200 words said he would teach me how to swim. First of all, my father gave me a demonstration. In the blink of an eye, my father jumped into the water. I saw his agile posture and swam freely in the water. All of a sudden, he swam sideways and on his back, flapping the waves
Swimming diary 200 words

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