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Okinawa swimming Okinawa is the southernmost in Japan

2022-07-01 23:31Olympic swimming competition
Summary: I want to travel to Okinawa, Japan. Is it interesting there? Which is better than the regular tour in Japan_ Baidu knowsLet me help you answer. Okinawa tourism in Japan mainly focuses on tropical beac
I want to travel to Okinawa, Japan. Is it interesting there? Which is better than the regular tour in Japan_ Baidu knows
Let me help you answer. Okinawa tourism in Japan mainly focuses on tropical beach tourism. Okinawa is at the southernmost end of Japan, so the temperature is relatively high. The sea there is very beautiful, and the Japanese also like to travel to Okinawa very much. Other parts of Japan are mainly divided into two categories, one is Hokkaido, which also attracts tourists with beautiful sceneryIt's best to go to Okinawa in a few months
If you want to go to the sea to play, such as diving, swimming, then from May to November. The water temperature is more than 20 degrees. After the long holiday in May, there is often light rain in the plum rain season. There are occasional typhoons from July to OctoberCan I go to Okinawa after February
No, Okinawa and Taiwan have a similar climate. You can go swimming in the sea at least after April. There is also a DFS international duty-free shop in Naha, Okinawa. You may wish to visit it. It is large in scale, and the purchased goods can be collected at the DFS goods collection desk at Naha Airport. It is very convenient, and the business time is 8-23 o'clockTangled, go to Okinawa, or very tangled swimming, tangled
I highlyOkinawa swimming  Okinawa is the southernmost in Japan recommend Okinawa. My friends and I went together in June this year. Okinawa has more distinctive scenic spots and food than Jeju Island. Among the natural landscapes, Shiyuan island and wanzuo Mao scenic spot are very suitable for everyone to play together, and we went just in time for their local dragon boat race. We haven't seen such a lively festival for a long timeHow to play Okinawa tourism in Japan
‍&# 8205; Personally, Okinawa doesn't seem to be particularly interesting. Having been to Naha, the capital of Okinawa, I feel that it is not a very prosperous city, but also a small city. When it comes to Okinawa, it must be the beach here. Many people go here for their honeymoon, such as Jia Nailiang and whoJust play in Okinawa for a few days. What's interesting
Located at the end of guyuli bridge, guyuli beach, TINU beach famous for heart-shaped rock and Tokei beach with giant kettle are ideal places for tourists to swim, dive and play on the island. The daily traffic is "bursting". Or aloneCan I travel to Okinawa in early May
You can go to sea. April and may are the better seasons to go to sea. Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost and westernmost County in Japan, adjacent to Kagoshima Prefecture, a first-class administrative region. Located between Taiwan, China and Kyushu, it is composed of more than 60 islands, includOkinawa swimming  Okinawa is the southernmost in Japaning Okinawa Islands, Miyako islands, bachongshan islands, and Dadong islands. The prefecture Hall of Okinawa Prefecture is located in Naha cityGive me a piece of Japanese Okinawa travel notes, about 600 words
The guide learned the following information: Okinawa is surrounded by the sea, but Okinawans are the least able to swim among the Japanese. The guide said that she has not been in the water for 30 years. The reason is that there are coral reefs near Okinawa, which are easy to be scratched when going into the sea, and the proportion of people who are fishing is also very smallWhy do Japanese people like to go to Okinawa in winter? What is the "secret" in it
So that people no longer have to endure the torture of cold, and no longer regret that they can't Okinawa swimming  Okinawa is the southernmost in Japanenjoy sunbathing on the beach because of winter, and can't enjoy swimming and surfing in the sea. Finally, there is Okinawa, Okinawa's convenient transportation conditions and the temptation of delicious food. In Japan, there are direct fligOkinawa swimming  Okinawa is the southernmost in Japanhts to Okinawa every day, and the journey is shortThe characteristics of Okinawa. Is it better to go to Tokyo or Okinawa for the first time
Go to the official website of the National Tourism Administration of Japan, you can find the contents of Okinawa and Tokyo, with Chinese introductions. The main reasons for going to Okinawa are its subtropical coastal scenery, swimming, surfing, diving, etc., as well as the unique cuisine and cultural customs of Ryukyu, as well as the American style that Japan does not have on the island. In Tokyo, there are Ueno and metropolitan halls
Okinawa swimming Okinawa is the southernmost in Japan

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