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Swimming retching for people who don't exercise often

2022-07-02 13:03Olympic swimming competition
Summary: What is the reason for swimming dizzinessMaybe your body is too "tired" and becomes ill from overwork! For people who do not often exercise, swimming is easy to get tired, lack of oxygen, dizzin
What is the reason for swimming dizziness
Maybe your body is too "tired" and becomes ill from overwork! For people who do not often exercise, swimming is easy to get tired, lack of oxygen, dizziness, nausea, hypoglycemiaAfter swimming for 20 minutes, I suddenly felt weak, retched, and dizzy. I didn't have the strength to walk! Why_ Baidu
You may not be able to pass the deep water certificate without swimming for 2 years... Swimming depends on how you treat him. If you regard him as a sport, you can't be so casual. Recover your body and get into the water. Blood glucose refers to the concentration of sugar in the blood, and hypoglycemia is the low value. There are two general reasonsWhy do I always want to retch when inhaling through my mouth, such as when swimming
Maybe the disinfectant concentration in the swiSwimming retching  for people who don't exercise oftenmming pool is too high. I really want to retch after smelling too much chlorine
How to relieve dizziness after swimming
There may be different reasons for dizziness after swimming, such as hunger, stimulation of disinfectant, insufficient blood supply to the brain, high or low water temperature, etc. the treatment methods are different for different reasons. If dizziness and nausea Swimming retching  for people who don't exercise oftenoccur after swimming, take a rest in an airy place, pay attention to keeping warm, and measure warm water appropriately. Relieve dizziness after swimmingWhen it is cold in the morning, I retch, when I smell chlorine water in the swimming pool, when I run a long distance, I retch, and when I eat too full
Answer: Condition Analysis: I'm glad to serve you. According to your condition description, I feel nausea, retching, abdominal distension recently, and I'm afraid of being greasy. Suggestions: it is recommended to go to the internal medicine department of the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. It is best to test the liver function, and if necessary, electronic gastroscopyWhat kind of experience is it to vomit in the pool when swimming
There was a quarrel with my girlfriend before. Both of them were very angry. I went swimming. I ate a lot of things at noon and two ice creams. My stomach was really uncomfortable. I got up and prepared to go back. Suddenly, I found my stomach churning and vomiting. My expression was reallyWhy do I feel sick and retch when I'm tired? It's after strenuous exercise, such as running and wrestling_ Baidu
Common adverse reactions include nausea, retching, dizziness, muscle spasm, and more serious, syncope and shock. Therefore, you need to exercise your physical fitness. Carry out aerobic exercises such as running, rope skipping, swimming and mountain climbing 3-4 times a week. Every time you train for 30-50 minutes, sweatSwimming makes you retch
Um... This is my first time to meet. Try taking a breath while swimming. Don't breathe in too much
Why do you feel dizzy aftSwimming retching  for people who don't exercise oftener swimming
Headache, buzzing in the ear, or retching and nausea are mostly caused by irrigating water in the ear or choking water in the nose. This situation is only temporary. As long as you clean up the accumulated water in the ear in time. Fast 1-2 hours, slow 2 days or so, headache and dizziness symptoms will disappear. Dizziness and brain distension are mostly caused by long swimming timeHow do I breathe in breaststroke? How to eliminate the feeling of retching when breathing
Generally, you can exhale mostSwimming retching  for people who don't exercise often of your breath in the water, and exhale your last breath at the moment your head comes out of the water. You must inhale with your mouth Inhaling through the nose is slow and easy to choke (no matter whether it's finished or not, as long as it comes out of the water, exhale for the last time, and the connector will immediately inhale through the mouth. As for how much it spits out
Swimming retching for people who don't exercise often

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