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Swim into the water behind him

2022-06-25 07:47Olympic swimming competition
Summary: How to first aid swimming drowning 8 taboosWhat you asked is how to save someone from drowning? Swim behind him, drag his head, and drag him ashore. Don't let him catch you in front of you ~ ~ ~ ot
How to first aid swimming drowning 8 taboos
What you asked is how to save someone from drowning? Swim behind him, drag his head, and drag him ashore. Don't let him catch you in front of you ~ ~ ~ otherwise, once the drowning man catches the straw, he will certainly pull you into the water ~ ~ ~ first aid: lift the wounded out of the waterIf you fall into the water while swimming, how should you save yourself
6. if younger students find someone in distress, they should not rush to rescue them. They should shout out to adults for help. In case of emergency, the correct way to save people is to extend sticks, ropes, etc. to the person falling into the water. You should lie on the ice to rescue yourself, and prevent yourself from falling into the water due to the ice breaking when rescuing othersWhy does swimming drown
As the saying goes, "thosSwim into the water  behind hime who drown will drown", it is this situation. Being able to swim does not mean not being able to drown. Many people have just learned to swim. They don't know much about the nature of water and can't tread on water. You can't handle emergencies while swimming. Overconfidence can cause drowningHow to save yourself from drowning when swimming
There are also some people around us who like to go swimming in the wild, and they have become high-risk people of drowning. In case of an accident, we should first keep calm, because swimmers usually express extreme tension when swimming and drowning, which belongs to the body's self-defenseHow to save yourself from drowning when swimming in deep water
Self rescue method for drowning when swimming in deep water: keep calm first, don't struggle, and never struggle after drowning. Don't be afraid when you sink into the water. Don't try to extricate yourself from difficulties by struggling. This will only backfire. Drowning is mainly a desperate struggle in the waterHow to save each other from drowning in swimming
In swimming, every swimmer may encounter a dangerous accident of drowning. If you hear sSwim into the water  behind himomeone shouting "help!" while swimming, "Someone has fallen into the water", or when someone is struggling for help in the water, and his body is gradually sinking Swim into the water  behind himand someone has not responded for a long time under the waterWhat should I do to drown
In case of leg or toe cramps, it is best to approach the shallow water area or pool wall as close as possible. If not, the best way is to step on the fake water first. Then pull your toes up with your fingers to help straighten the cramped area. Straightening the cramped muscles is the solution to cramps. In addition, it is also easy to get flustered after choking and cause drowning. SwimmingHow to prevent drowning when swimming and what should be done when drowning
8. If drowning occurs in a swimming pool with a water depth of 2-3 meters or in a water area or riverbed with a hard bottom, the person who falls into the water can accelerate to rise with hSwim into the water  behind himis foot pedal when touching the bottom, and immediately call for help when he surfaced. Similarly, do not be afraid to sink again. This is repeated until the rescue workers arrive. 9. tread water to prevent sinking. TourWhat if you drown while swimming? How to give first aid
Methods for rescuing a drowning person: take off your clothes and slippers, run to the nearest point to jump into the water, dive behind the drowning person in breaststroke, hold the drowning person under your armpit, and take it ashore in side stroke or back breaststroke; Take out the stolen goods from the mouth, kneel on one knee, put the belly of the drowning person on the knee, pat his back and pour water, then lie on the ground, disperse the crowd for ventilation, kneel on the right side of the drowning person, left handWhy does swimming drown? How to give first aid
There are several reasons for swimming drowning: 1 Hand and foot cramps are the most common. It is mainly due to insufficient preparation activities before launching, cold water temperature or too tired swimming for a long time. When calf cramps, you will feel sudden spasmodic pain in calf stomach
Swim into the water behind him

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